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You will benefit from an instrument that feels easy to play, stays in tune, and sounds the way it should. We ensure that all instruments purchased receive a proper setup before they hit our walls. The first set up makes for a great start, but instruments require regular maintenance. Service every three to six months ensures that your instrument functions the way you need it to. Regular use creates wear and tear that can hinder the function of an instrument. Changes in temperature and humidity can affect the playability of instruments. Give yourself an optimal playing experience & stop fighting your own instrument!

Learn the signs of an instrument that needs a service: 




We take great pride in our instrument care service. We use silicone free, non-abrasive detailer & polish as well as the finest luthier tools available.


Re-String : includes a detail & polish, tighten hardware, condition fretboard, polish frets.

Set Up : includes detail & polish, check & clean electronic components, hardware tightening, string height adjustment, nut, saddle & truss rod adjustment, intonation, fret polish, fret end dress, condition fretboard, re-string. 

Repairs and Mods :

*additional fees may apply with estimate